Night time skin care routine

Women are always after that dewy, healthy looking skin. I have recently embarked on a night time skin care regimen which seems to be giving me just that. I am glowing 🙂 It goes without saying that healthy skin does in fact begin with eating healthy as well as drinking plenty water. This will be […]

The Style Loft Pop – Nelson Mandela Square – 2nd to 4th August 2019

I was honoured to have been invited to attend the Style Loft Pop in early November. This event is at its pioneering stage but has already inspired other pop up events with similar characteristics all over South Africa. The brain behind this exclusive event is a beautiful lady by the name of Halima, who also […]

Turban Galore

The dreaded hair net! Oh that dreaded hair net. I kid you not when I say that it gives me nightmares. I love to look good. If I look good, I feel good. Hence my love for turbans. They are elegant, on trend and come in array of styles. I have showcased here with some […]

The Centrepiece

Because I am a Cake Artist, I have to make certain that everything placed on a cake is edible and will not bring harm to my clients. There are many flowers that are toxic, hence me opting to use my beautiful sugar flowers. Having said that, I LOVE fresh flowers too, especially when I get […]

Red Lips

If I could choose one make up item I cannot live without, it would be my lipstick! I think it just sets the whole vibe and o fcourse creates an add on to a beautiful smile. I have chosen 2 of my favourite red lipsticks to showcase today. One for a smouldering night time look […]


Cooking is an art. Cooking is joy. Cooking is love. Follow the easy step by step instructions to make this tasty lasagne. Remember to make certain that all the water cooks out as extra moisture will result in a very soggy pasta. The white sauce consistency is key for a delicious lasagne. Make certain that […]

Fun Fitness

Being a Cake Artist means that I am either sitting at a table for most of the day creating sugar flowers, bending to reach within my oven, or standing for endless hours before a tiered cake is complete. It is easy to become unfit, unhealthy and lose sight of what is importance: Ones health. I […]

Easy but Tasty

Cakepops seem to be a fading trend. But I am here to bring it back. As I have mentioned on numerous posts that anything created needs to taste as good as it looks! Eliminating some of the oil from the cake recipe will help to ensure that the cakepop does not leak out oil/grease. I […]