Cakepops seem to be a fading trend. But I am here to bring it back. As I have mentioned on numerous posts that anything created needs to taste as good as it looks!

Eliminating some of the oil from the cake recipe will help to ensure that the cakepop does not leak out oil/grease.

I have used chocolate as a binder as I am a hug fan of truffles and I feel that a good chocolate takes the cakepop up a notch.

The cake crumb needs to be as fine as possible. I have used a machine. However using the good ‘ol hands will do the trick as well.

Flavours are endless!!! I love using Himalayan salt, especially when it is paired with chocolate, caramel or peanut butter.

The decoration is the part I actually enjoy the most. Sprinkles and paper straws are available at most baking stores.