Because I am a Cake Artist, I have to make certain that everything placed on a cake is edible and will not bring harm to my clients. There are many flowers that are toxic, hence me opting to use my beautiful sugar flowers. Having said that, I LOVE fresh flowers too, especially when I get to create beautiful displays.

Creating a centre piece can seem daunting, but I am here to show you all how simple, easy and elaborate it can be!

Remember to use the oasis that absorbs water (I added the flower food to the water and stored the rest in a spritz bottle to spray on my bouquet as the week progressed,) to soak the oasis in water before inserting it into a bowl. A good point to make note of is the fact that I used a white bowl as my birdcage was white as well.

It is always a good idea to put weights (I used stones) within the bowl (or in my case birdcage).

I love starting with my focal point flowers as I believe that they play the major roles in my centre piece.

I finish with filler flowers and leaves to create some drama and flow and fill some spaces, keeping in mind that negative space is also a good thing!

Because this arrangement was placed on a small pillar, it was important to place it in a view which would not interrupt or distract conversation.

This type of arrangement can last up to 10 days, provided that it is sprayed with water once a day and displayed in an area which attains some sunshine.